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Running Home Assistant In Docker With ZWave


I recently converted my instance on Home Assistant from running in a Python VEnv on bare metal to running in a docker container. While this is a supported configuration, I did make a few changes to the recommended setup. My primary deviation is running the Home Assistant process as a non-root user. That is, specifying --user xxxx:xxxx on docker run, or the equivalent Compose configuration.

Logging SystemD boot-up messages to console

Logging boot messages to the console with SystemD and Digital Ocean

The problem

I recently ran into a situation where my boot times had gone through the roof. It was taking 6 seconds to boot through the kernel and nearly 3 minutes to boot through the userspace modules. Unfortunately, upon inspecting the log, it was unclear as to what exactly what was causing the delays, as the seconds were not being recorded, and since it was the usersapce modules taking a long time, the boot console wasn’t letting me see visually what was taking so long.

A Study in Hugo and CI/CD

Why am I making a site?

Why am I going through the effort to set up a website? Primarily: learning more about Hugo and doing CI/CD with Hugo and some sort of web deployment platform.